Frequently Asked Questions


Definitely DIY. If you are able to change the oil, installing the Awron Display shouldn't be a problem.

We will send you the instruction manual.

Otherwise, ask some more experienced friend or look for a nearby workshop.

- Plastic Trim removal tool or equivalent.

- T20 Torx driver.

- 10mm Wrench/Socket.

- Pin extractor tool (sharp pick or ballpoint pen will work as alternative).

About 1.5 hours at most. Although, it can be finished in 1h.

No. All these sensors are in the car already.

Awron Display picks up the measurements from the car sensors via the CAN bus system.

No. The Awron Display does not block the OBD2 port, it is free for diagnostics.

As we said, Awron Display uses CAN wiring behind the dash with BMW-provided connectors (5 in total).

No. You don't need to modify existing wiring.

Yes. Awron Display can be removed at any time without any trace of being installed.

Awron Display is controlled through the steering wheel buttons (cruise control buttons).

The rocker switch on the left side of the steering wheel will perform all operation and/or configuration.

No. Once you have cruise control set, the speed +/- wheel bypasses the Awron and just controls cruise control speed.

When you deactivate cruise control, the speed +/- wheel goes back to Awron control.

No. You won't miss that vent because the other vents will blow stronger!

Try to block this single vent, and test will you miss it so much?

There is no lag. Everything is real time. You are able to see it as you step on the gas pedal.

Yes, you can select between imperial/metric values.

Awron is using OEM BMW vent units to install the display.

Amber color used on the Awron is 100% match to the OEM color.

Everyone will think it actually came with the car and not an add-on.

It won't work with JB4 since they both fight over the canbus so neither works properly.

Awron Display monitors and displays everything from your car. It has a clean and crisp display. There is no lag. It uses OEM vent unit and looks completely as OEM product.

It wont work with the electronic wheel because both gauges grab the info from the cars CAN system. Together both will get interference.